Local Artists

Andy Herr  

Andy Herr has enjoyed a lifetime of musical involvement. Evolving from early childhood piano instruction, he explored guitar, saxophone, string bass, and ultimately many varied string instruments. Andy fell in love with the ukulele while introducing Martha's Vineyard's many summer visitors to the instrument at the one and only shop in town, Island Music. Punctuated by a bout of globe-trotting ukulele adventures, he soon after began teaching beginner classes at Featherstone Center for the Arts. His ear-training, 'music-as-language-immersion' teaching methodology for ukulele is adopted from his Suzuki classical piano pedagogy. He can often be found sitting on one of the island beaches, plucking away with eyes closed to the accompaniment of crashing waves and bell buoys.

Ilka List

Sculptor, educator and writer has been playing with two Island ukulele groups for over a year.  She is an assistant instructor, working with Jonah Maidoff,  in the  after school program at the Charter School.  She also plays the Uke at Windemere, the Oak Bluff Library, and various other venues.

Jonah Maidoff

A Social Studies Teacher at the Martha’s Vineyard Public Charter School for the past 19 years, met the Ukulele last summer and shortly brought his new found passion to the School.  He has been teaching two Ukulele enrichment classes for young people and beginning players after school.  He is a participant of the Featherstone Ukulele Jam (FUJ) group since the fall of 2014.